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Pizza Party Place in Flint Michigan

Looking for the best pizza party place in Flint Michigan? We’ll look no further, Huckleberry Junction is a local Flint Michigan favorite. Furthermore, Huckleberry Junction is the best pizza party place in Flint Michigan. In addition, you can go and celebrate your child’s birthday with a great pizza party, fun games, all in a safe and kid-friendly atmosphere.

If you want a pizza party place for boys in Flint Michigan, then we have you covered. We have all the fun games that boys love, and with a huge pizza menu, and other wonderful food, the boys will love their pizza party at Huckleberry Junction.

Best Pizza Party Place in Flint Michigan

Want to celebrate your little girl’s birthday with a pizza party? No problem, the girls love all the games and the pizza party favors offered at our party place in Flint Michigan. So whatever type of pizza party you want to have, pizza parties for boys, or pizza parties for girls, we can provide the best experience in Flint Michigan.

Enjoy The Animatronics by Daniel & The Dixie Diggers

Daniel and the Dixie Diggers will entertain the kids and sing a song for the birthday person! The birthday boy or girl will absolutely love it! Huckleberry Junction, a Pizza Party Place in Flint Michigan. We are the family friendly pizza party destination in Flint Michigan! Huckleberry Junction offers the best pizza parties and play place for children & families in Flint Michigan.

Huckleberry Junction Playhouse & Theater


7441 N. Genesee Road Genesee, MI 48437


Open 7 Days a Week: 11 am – 10 pm
Pickup & Delivery Available until 10:00 PM



Birthday Party Place in Flint Michigan